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Online lessons - the e-Learning
  Introduction - to the lessons
  What's a drug - introduction to drugs
  Drug information - detailed information about different types of drugs
  Social risks - current problems connected with the use of drugs
  First Aid - what should we do in am emergency
  The Law - information about "The Law about the Control over Drugs" in Bulgaria
  Parents - how to communicate with your children at different stages of their life
  Tests 1 - 2 - 3 - test yourself what you have learned from our lessons
Multimedia Presentation "Drugs"
  Preview - about the presentation
  Detail Information - more infromation about the presentation
  Download - download a free copy of the presentaion
Fun time
  Contest - contest for the best idea
  Jokes - jokes about drugs
  History - curious historical facts about drugs
  Celebrites - popular people died due to drugs
  Did you know - interesting facts about drugs
  What's this - introduction to the comics
  Pages 1 - 2 - 3 - the comics itself
  Dilemma - find the optimum solution of the problem described in the comics
  Cyberspace - your place in the site
  Terms - a list of the terms used in the site and their explanations
  Gallery - drug photos
  Sources - list of used websites and books
  Authors - information and video clip about the members of the team, who created the site