Social Risks

Four major factors play an important role in the forming of the
current problems connected with the use of drugs:

  • Injecting is the most common way of taking in the most problematic drug - heroine.
  • Low average age of the first dose.
  • Low health education of the teenagers.
  • Lack of efficient programs about prevention, rehabilitation.
These factors cause the occurrence of three major groups of problems for the society - infectious diseases, criminality and marginalization:

Infectious diseases:


The injecting of drugs is often connected with the use of the same works (syringes, needles etc.) by the drug addicts. This increases the risk of spreading of infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV, syphilis



Criminal behavior is a characteristic feature of most drug addicts. The need of daily doses makes them steal, rob impulsively and unscrupulously. Therefore they are considered a social threat. Other, driven by the same motives, begin to sell drugs. The criminal behavior is the major factor causing negative social reactions against the people using drugs.



The low average age at taking the first dose and becoming a drug addict leads to dropping school, lack of professional qualification, unemployment, mental damages.

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