What's a DRUG

What's a drug?


As we all know, drugs are chemical compounds. Drugs are substances which change the physical, psychical and social functions of humans. Drugs themselves are neither good, nor evil. Some of them are illegal and others are medicines. Good or bad is the way we use them. If a drug is being used to cure an illness, it is good, if it is used to kill, it is bad. Whether we shall take drugs and ruin our life we should decide by ourselves. It's important for us to know much more about these substances before making the decision. Our aim is to present you an information about drugs and the risks connected with their usage.

Dependence of drugs


At a certain stage of their lives, mostly in childhood or adolescence, people come across narcotics. These can be cigarettes, alcohol, but increasingly often - sleeping pills, marijuana, extasy, amphetamines , heroin, LSD, antidepressants, anabol steroids and inhalants. Drugs - addiction is very easy when the effect of the drugs wears out and you don't get another dose, the body signals by means of sensations of pain - the so called abstinence syndrome. The body begins to feel hunger for narcotics, you have the so called physical dependence. To reach the previous effect you have to take a stronger one. More and more. This is the so called raising of tolerance! Not only the body, your mind also becomes dependent on drugs, on the way of life they create the so called psychical dependence.

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