First aid

  If someone has taken an overdose it is important to know:
  It's very important to place the person in the showed recovery position to prevent him from choking because of vomitted substances.


  Call an ambulance or call someone who has an experience in taking actions under such
circumstances - a security guard or the police,
they are specially trained how to act during emergencies.

Collect any powders, tablets or any other substances that may have been used, and give them to the ambulance crew.


Make sure there is plenty of fresh air.

  If they don't breathe, clean their mouth from food, vomitted substances.
  Keep them warm, but not too hot.

The emergency is a very important sign that something extraordinary happens to our friend and it is good to advice them to turn to a psychologist or a psychiatrist


If someone gets really drowsy...
In an emergency Really drowsy Tense and panic Dehydrates Organizations (BG)

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