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The Flash presentation entitled "Drugs" consists of 5 lessons in which viewers can learn about:

  • What is a drug?
  • Types of drugs, described in terms of their properties and effects on people, etc.
  • The impact of drugs on the human body.
  • Situations in which young people may be involved when they are in the company of friends taking drugs.
  • First aid to someone who's taken an overdose.

The names of all existing drugs are listed in an index in alphabetical order.
You can take notes on the screen if you want. You can adjust also the characteristics of your display according to the presentation and switch off the sound if you prefer.
Viewers who would rather take a more playful approach to the subject will discover how difficult it can be to escape from "Drug Valley" in the game.

This module of the project won a prize in the Siemens competition "Join Multimedia 2003". All of the used multimedia elements as text, images, animation effects, video, sound in English are created by the team and our friends. The music is composed and played also by us.




All rights reserverd by the Drugs e-Learning Team

All drawings, animations, photos (exc. the photos in the Gallery), video clips and the music are created, edited and composed by the authors of the Drugs e-Learning site. Up-to-date information was selected from many sources (books, web sites, interviews, etc.), analyzed and edited by the team of students and teachers. You can download the website and presentation, to use or redistribute them, without commercial purpouses, quoting the autors. Graphical elements from the website can be used with the agreement of the autors.

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