Popular people died from drugs

Celebrities die people aren't aware of how often it happens, but should be. Celebrities are not invincible. They die from everything that normal people can die from...and that includes drug issues.
Some different ways celebrities have died involving drugs are:

  . Drowning Drunk or High
. Overdosing (The Most common way)
. Weak hearts due to drugs
. Becoming high and then taking another drug
that has a fatal reaction with the drug already in them
. Suicide under the influence of drugs
. Alcohol overdose
. Cirrhosis
. Alcohol Intoxication
. Allergic Reactions to Drugs
. Aids and Drug Issues

Most of the celebrities who have died due to drugs are members of bands and the majority of them are lead singers. The only difference between celebrities doing drugs and everyday people doing drugs is that the celebrities get on the news for it...regular people don't.

Andy Gibb
Bradely Nowell
Brent Mydland
Brian Jones
Charlie "Bird" Parker
Chris Farley
Dennis Wilson
Edgar Allan Po
Elvis Presley
Florence Ballard
Freddie Mercury
Hillel Slovak
Janis Joplin
Jerry Garcia
Jim Morrison
Jimmy Hendrix
John Belushi
John Matusak
Judy Garland
Keith Moon
Kristen Pfaff
Kurt Cobain
Len Bias
Marlyn Monroe
Neal Cassidy
Pigpen McKernan
River Phoenix
Shannon Hoon
  Person photo

Just why do celebrities do drugs to begin with? Most people don't know. Some people believe it is because they want to experiment like everyday people. This is true...but they also have other motives. They have lots of money so they are approached by drug lords. People around them could smoke and that could have an influence on them. There are many reasons they may feel the need to do drugs.

Just because celebrities do drugs does not mean other people should start doing them. So many celebrities die from drugs it is actually pretty sick. But celebrities are role models to many young people and they therefore will do anything to impersonate their favorite singer or actor. They do not realize what they are getting into and are soon addicted. And then...they die.


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