Can you stand your ground

Can you get your point across without starting a row? Do you know how to stand up for yourself? Saying what you mean and sticking to it can be a real skill when it comes to offers of drugs. Have a go at the personality quiz and see how you score.

1 You're at the bus stop, a bus comes along and someone you don't know pushes in front of the queue. DO YOU:

2 You are hanging around outside the shops. Some people you know offer you some cannabis. They get a bit pushy and try to persuade you to have a smoke. DO YOU:

3 Your mates make fun of you because you're the only one who hasn't tried smoking.
4 One of your mates asks you to go into the shop to get some lager because you look older than he does. DO YOU:
5 You're eating a burger in a restaurant and you find a hair in it. DO YOU:
6 Somebody you know buys some speed. They offer you some when you're in town.
7 Your friend wants you to try sniffing lighter fuel. DO YOU:
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